Awareness and resilience
through European multi sensor system

A Euratom H2022 research project
Awareness and resilience through European multi sensor system

Danciu L., Nandan S., Reyes C., Basili R., Weatherill G., Beauval C., Rovida A., Vilanova S., Sesetyan K., Bard P-Y., Cotton F., Wiemer S., Giardini D. (2021). The 2020 update of the European Seismic Hazard Model: Model Overview. EFEHR Technical Report 001, v1.0.0,

Crowley H., Dabbeek J., Despotaki V., Rodrigues D., Martins L., Silva V., Romão X., Pereira N., Weatherill G., Danciu L. (2021). European Seismic Risk Model (ESRM20), EFEHR Technical Report 002, V1.0.0, 84 pp,


Smart sensor unit, detector development and inte-gration, field design, GSI, Radontech, SURO, KTH, AUTh,JRC
Site Mapping, field studies natural background measurements, calibration, Univaq, AUTh, INGV, ETH.
Scalable sensor network architecture, KTH, GSI
Field tests and placement of sensor units a: Abruzzi, b: Ionian Islands, c: Swiss Alps.
AUTh, Univaq, ETH, INGV, KTH
Distributed Edge-AI integration and data analysis tools, SU, KTH.
Communication, dissemination, exploitation, continuation pilot project with municipalities, outreach to public bodies,
IESE, communita L’Aquila, association of municipalities of Ionian Islands, INGV, KTH, AUTh.

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