Awareness and resilience through European multi sensor system

In a nutshell

radon based


develop a large
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threat to our lifes
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In a nutshell…

ArtEmis will design, build, and operate a smart and scalable multi sensor system comprising of about 100-200 novel low-cost geochemical sensors, that will measure with unprecedent spatial and temporal resolution changes in radon concentration in ground water, together with other observables like temperature and acidity.


Earthquakes constitutes one of the most damaging natural hazards on Earth. Increased Radon gas emission from deep layers has been one of the most promising precursors. However, measurements in soil or air are hampered with large uncertainties. Direct measurements in water are more reliable but more difficult.
Hence, this project embarks on a new approach to advance earthquake forecasting:Novel sensor design for in water measurements

Covering fault lines in Greece, Italy and Switzerland

AI supported analysis


The development of a radiation sensor optimizing prize versus
performance for measurements in ground water in real time.

The integration of the radiation sensor with other sensors into a
single smart design reducing maintenance and energy consumption.

The deployment of a sufficient large number of sensors that will
generate geographical dense coverage and thus allow for correlating
observed seismicity and radon concentration.

The use of machine learning – deep learning algorithms for the
analysis of the data that will yield new insights into how to best
analyse observed radon time-series and seismicity.

The collaboration with municipalities to develop models for
widespread deployment, public engagement, and scientific outreach.

The system is designed for scalability.


Advance knowledge on the processes that drive geo chemical changes in deep layers of the earth in response to increased tension and stress.

We expect artEmis to clarify the longstanding issue of earthquake predictions by means of geochemical precursors like changes in radon concentration.

artEmis will set a new standard for monitoring at the European level. A distributed system as envisioned by artEmis can be considered as a blueprint of European efforts for awareness and risk assessment, that is shared to public and individual citizens alike. Such a system will strengthen the trust in the society via open data sharing.